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Experienced & Practical Leader, Delivering Results for Our Community

Adrienne Martini has served on the Otsego County Board of Representatives since 2018. She chairs the human services committee and serves on the Negotiations and Administration committees. The 12th District she represents includes Oneonta’s Wards 3 & 4. She is also the author of Somebody’s Gotta Do It: Why Cursing at the News Won't Save the Nation, But Your Name on a Local Ballot Can, a book about running for and serving in local office.


As a four-term elected official, Adrienne knows how important it is that we elect folks who are experienced, practical, and effective. During her time on the Otsego County Board of Representatives, she has worked across the aisle to deliver for her constituents and for the people of the county. She has prioritized making local government accessible and transparent to the people it serves. Adrienne knows how crucial it is for the residents in our counties to have a representative in Albany who understands the needs of rural New Yorkers and will work in the Assembly and in partnership with our county governments to deliver for us, regardless of which party is in power.


Martini is active with the New York State Association of Counties where she serves on the Public Health & Mental Health and Medicaid & Human Services Standing Committees. Her legislative priorities in the Assembly include ensuring that everyone in New York has access to comprehensive, affordable health and mental health care close to home; making public health decisions more transparent and understandable; ensuring access to affordable broadband so we can learn and work in our communities; and making sure that Upstate New York is a place with opportunities where people can afford to and want to live, work, and raise their families.


In addition to her public service, Adrienne is an award-winning journalist who’s written for Cooking Light and the Washington Post, among other publications. She is also the author of Hillbilly Gothic, Sweater Quest, and Somebody’s Gotta Do It. She works at the Farmer’s Museum as an interpreter and is a frequent speaker on the importance of running for and serving in local government. She lives in Oneonta, New York, with her husband, two kids, two dogs and one cat.

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